Business Benefits

VarthagamSoft provides various business benefits to it's user that helps them in saving cost, providing better customer service via managing customer relationships to cross-sell and up-sell, good supplier management, accurate management of inventory, etc.


Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit your business needs. Such inventory classification can be specific to each department.

100% audit of all operations. Audit log help investigate issues to learn about the operational issue including security lapse and help you take steps to prevent them in future.

Billing Management

Flexible and easy to use billing screen that helps in faster checkouts.

Authorization control based stock update from sales for quick billing that can be adjusted later.

Delivery challans can be issued to customers and such delivery challans can be combined into a sales invoice.

Save invoice with single key stroke at billing point and take payment at cash counter.

Inventory Management

Inventory status allows phasing out of product step by step like making the product unavailable for purchase orders, goods receipt,sales,sales return before the product is stopped.

Stock age analysis is available which is very essential to know as it helps in tracking and finding the age of stock which in turn helps to know working capital requirements.